MATAYO 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations 

                                                                                                                                               ORPHANAGE LAND

Dear friends this is to inform you that after the processing of the land for the orphanage and school we have decided to plan for a garden first because each month we need at least $990 to feed the children per month.
We have two seasons in the year and the first one is in next month but we need to prepare the land you see in this video and photos for sowing in March and leaping is in July, we shall plant maize, cassava and beans. according to the piece of land we own we can have enough food for six months if we are successful on preparing this land in time and buying the right seeds.
The following is what needed in preparation; clearing the ground by removing big trees of which kids and my group may not be able to do costing $1,000 buying seeds $2,000.
note things like buying seeds and clearing the land it is done once it will not be needed again in the life time of this orphanage because we use seeds that can reproduce seeds.
So we need $3,000 altogether before 15th this month to make sure we are ready before the season begins therefore we ask you to pray and give as you can: 




$800 Raised

$2,200 Still needed   DONATE