MATAYO 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations 

DISCIPLES CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CHURCH work with 1000 churches around Uganda It is a thriving churches growing .

Many of the Pastors face such extreme poverty that they do not even have a pair of shoes to wear to church much less a bible. Such is the passion for the Gospel that many of these men sacrifice their own personal welfare, whilst raising a family, in order to see the kingdom advanced.
There are many ways to help bless the lives of these dedicated servants and to enable them to take their message to greater reaches and impact more lives with the goodness of God.

Clothing and Shoes Donation
In Uganda the culture dresses very formally to go to church. Purchasing shirts and a good suit and shoes for a Pastor enables them to feel respectable in front of their congregation, which is important in the culture.

  • Shirt $20 -30
  • Suit $75
  • A Good Pair of Leather Shoes $50

Bicycle Donation
Purchasing a bicycle for a rural Pastor is a three-fold blessing!
One, it enables a Pastor to reach his community and beyond with the Gospel more efficiently. Churches often double in size in a matter of weeks once a bike is received.

Two, the Pastor is able to pick and visit old and weak members of his congregation to help them get to church. Walking is the only other option!

Three, in Ugandan culture women are expected to collect and carry heavy loads of water, often walking for many miles to collect it daily. Godly marriage teaching has been a large focus of work over the last few years. The marriage conferences put on for the Pastors and their wives have taught a more Godly perspective of the husband’s role in marriage, as one that seeks to serve and look out for the best interests of his wife. This concept has been relatively foreign in Ugandan culture, even amongst Christians. So the purchase of a bike means that the role of collecting water now becomes the man’s, relieving this heavy load from a women’s already extensive work day and freeing a husband to take his rightful role as a server and protector of his wife!

The cost of a good quality bike (necessary for the heavy loads) in Uganda in $100

40%  of the Pastors in Uganda do not have a bible or a half old bible! The cost of a bible in Luganda the local language is $20.

Sponsor a Pastor
You can become a monthly sponsor for a Pastor – helping to provide a salary for him for anywhere between $1 – 500 a month. $1 literally makes a difference – compared to no income.

If you choose to sponsor a Pastor you will receive a Pastor Sponsorship Card with a photo and biography on the individual you are helping. We encourage all sponsors to go beyond purely giving a monetary gift, but also to give the gift of friendship. You will be able to write to and receive letters from the Pastor you are helping and get first hand accounts of how your gift is helping to bless another and advance God’s kingdom! PARTNER WITH US






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