MATAYO 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations 



                                                      WHY PASTORAL TRAINING


There was a great wave of revival which came to our nation Uganda in early Eighties (1980s) after the regime of Iddi Amini the then president of Uganda who persecuted the church, this revival left many churches planted.

There was a need for church leaders and many believers were recruited as church leaders of opened churches without any training.

This has resulted in many mistakes made by church leaders not because they tend to but because they lack training and when we came up with an Idea of training pastors/church leaders the change is evident of transformed lives and churches.   

Many seen this need before but they feared to face the challenge. For sure many Bible colleges is in place for a long time but with the high fees they charge and the level of education they demand has resulted that many church leaders cannot afford to join this bible colleges.

We took time to investigate why many church leaders/pastors with such desire fail to attend biblical training.

We found out that 95 percent of the pastors in the remote areas of Uganda they fail even to pay school fees for their children and even daily feeding is a great problem they earn little which can't support them with their families. Pastor earn one dollar or less per day, these is the living conditions for most of the church leaders/pastors. 

These are places were is little or no opportunities for such training in basic biblical training.

Now each month with more than 100 church leaders/ pastors attending to this training from different parts of Uganda and its surrounding parts.

And many more desiring to attend but we decided to have this number because of our limited source of funds and as God will provide more funds we will add more.

The unfilled gap is Bigger than the one already filled the need is very great.

Thus we welcome you to partner with us in this great effort as we are believing God for the transformation of the body of Christ in Uganda and Africa at large.

It takes $300 to pay for one pastor's training

You can help further this ministry by

 $300 for one pastor's training, sending in plain papers, Bibles, pens and mostly if your a gospel minister who can train church leaders you are welcome to join us  contact us CLICKING HERE




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